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Accord offers Integrated Turnkey Projects Solutions to its strategic partners in the railway, transport, civil, energy, telecommunications, mining, and industrial sectors. From the conceptual process to the completion of the final product or service, we offer design, testing, implementation, induction, monitoring and control, development, and maintenance.

Competitive Advantages

The client spends less effort, time, and resources to identify the best suppliers globally

The amounts to be invested are known from the beginning, reducing the risk that these will increase unexpectedly

The deadlines are also set from the beginning, allowing for better time management

The company in charge has control over the entire project, which gives it the possibility of maintaining adequate coordination, achieving better communication between the parties

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Integrated International Procurement Management

Accord offers efficient management for acquisition of goods and services in the international market. We have vast experience in the identification, qualification, and selection of suppliers that allow the client to receive the product and/or service according to the required standards, complying with international standards and certifications.

Technical Management ofRailway Services

Accord acts as a client representative by exercising control and implementation on each of the stages that comprise Technical Management at the Engineering, Project Integration, Integration of Technological Areas, and Rail Technical Service level, regarding tracks, rolling stock, and materials on board, among others.

Strategic Consulting for the Penetration of New Markets

Accord also acts as an Export Consultant for manufacturers in Europe, Asia, and the US who wish to expand into the Latin American and Caribbean markets. We place our extensive experience and knowledge of the Latin American market at your disposal to carry out a complete analysis of costs, legal restrictions, distribution channels, and marketing, to…

Internationalization Agent for LATAM Companies

Accord has a full internationalization services portfolio and a network of international partners that guarantee success in the transition and offshore implementation of a Latin American company, in the different stages from an integrated approach, where export is a step toward the true internationalization of the company’s functional…

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